A Sound Play / A Play on Sounds.
Something familiar, fill me up.

Performance - Installation

Nothing means anything when the means are exhausted. Meaninglessness is freedom and the imposssibility of it lasting. The core play in this performance interrupts that dilemma with repitition. Because as humans we always find ourselves back at the start, at meaning.

Repitition creates rhythm. It is something to hang onto even if its content is meaninglessness: a commercial for cow prints; the sound of someone making soup; and arbitrary shapes, variations of a rectangle, as letters.

While instructions are laid out for the performers, they can take all the time they need, replace the crossed out material with whatever they see fit. Multiple characters permeate one another, language is the difference between what is real and what is true. It creates by incarnating.

But whatever you say disappears.

So many tounges we have swallowed speaking at the same time.

We start off... But, what do we really want to say?

It is comfortable enough just speaking two sentences without finishing. Two sentences open up for a meaning to be read, which the creator doesn’t have to continue.

Instead it can just hang and be pick up open, by whoever would like to pick it up - and this is naturally perfectly fine and all and things are never fixed so why should we force the two sentences by adding expanded meaning with the following?

But when the two sentences are just two sentences, never finished and nothing more, for which the excuse or imagined reason is:

The easy swallowing of NOW!

All of the tongues punching from the inside. Growing out of your mouth, your ears, your nose. Letting you never finish because the ears begin to talk before the mouth has gotten a silent moment to get together what it would like to say and the nose is thinking through both nostrils at the same time, the holes being filed up by the tongues wanting to speak no more than two unfinished sentences to be picked up open.

Meaning, nothing is fixed and I pick and you pick up up and away with all of the tongues we have swallowed speaking at the same time. To go without saying anything reasoned and that this is what it is all about.

Never having to actually say... 

We start off, but what do we really want to say?