The fold is a fold that makes two and more as it folds / The poetic and performative fold

Performance - Research - Workshop - Poem

This is a method for creating performances from a vocabulary centred around trust, dependency, poetics, and relations. It is derived from research into how the specific ways in which we relate to our immediate surroundings, shape the knowledge and values we produce andconsume. Therefore, affecting what we create. Furthermore, the nature of these relations is formed by language.

What happens is a kind of folding. Folding allows me to think creatively and critically about the production of subjectivity.

The starting point was a poem I wrote about folding. When we fold something, the fold divides, separates and multiplies what is folded at the same time as it connects sides, reveals and hides. Folding is a contradictory act, simultaneously deleting and opening up.

This is similar to what we do with our everyday encounter and experiences. We fold them inside ourselves.

Following Gilles Deleuze, the production of subjectivity is an act of folding the dominating outside forces inside ourselves. Even the ones we do not agree with. From this folding, we then act in the world.

Similar to when we fold a piece of paper, the fold is the point of relation.

The Poetic and Performative fold - Workshop

The poetic and performative fold is a practice of collaboratively folding differently through a vocabulary based around antonyms to the current dominating force which tells us to be independent, driven and extraordinary individuals.

If we change the language of how we fold our surroundings inside ourselves, will we be able to fold differently and by that, will our creative outcomes change?

In workshops the original poem is replayed and interpreted in writing and performance exercises, functioning as an index for participants collaboration.

In small groups, participants aim to be 100% dependent on each other, give up authority and trust the other.

They fold each other inside themselves and become a feedback loop, amplifying the vocabulary over time in performances.

The Milan Women's Bookstore Corporation

The method takes inspiration from The Milan Women's Bookstore Corporation's practice of Affidamento. It is a practice of commitment-through-difference in order to recognize disparities amongst women, which form the basis for relationships of trust. The practice is time-consuming. It is long lasting through continuous discussion of opinion, positioning, recognition and a willingness to doubt oneself.

The two people in the relationship become each other’s reference point. From the relationships with each other, they affirm their differences. Instead of coming together under similarities, they come together under differences. It is interesting to think about “difference” as that which connects people instead of being something which separates. The focus on difference also helps to define a person’s singularity.

According to the cooperative, Affidamento, their one-to-one-to-one-to-one commitment changes the reality for those involved. It changes the reality they consume and produce.